Document of administrative, technical and economic clauses for the purchase of equipment manufactured by Avan Network S.L.

1-Purpose of the document

Acquisition of the products indicated in the order sent to the customer with the following characteristics:

The order must indicate the model, color, memory capacity, presentation and accessories included, as well as any other agreed manufacturing or handling process. This should be reviewed by the customer to verify that everything is correct and that it corresponds to his purchasing needs.
If a customer does not indicate the color of unambiguous shape by means of the corresponding pantone, Avan Network S.L. chooses it. If this does not meet the wishes of the customers, the manufacturing company is not responsible.
If you want to save information in the memory, the following remarks must be taken into account:
Avan Network S.L. is in no way responsible for the information stored in the memory. Avan Network S.L. is content to make a copy of material for which the buyer is responsible.
If any copyrighted material is used, the purchaser is solely responsible for the use of such corporate images and must rely on permission for its use.

Budgets sent have a limited temporary validity which is indicated in the budget itself. Once the budget has been accepted, Avan Network S.L. will send the customer an order with the final price of the product which will be valid for 72 hours. After this period, the budget may be subject to price updates.

3-Confirmation of orders (may vary depending on the specific conditions of each customer)

An order is formally accepted if and only if:

The buyer confirms the order and attaches proof of at least 60% of the total payment of the invoice. For amounts less than € 300, 100% will be paid.
The remaining 40% of the payment will be made before the material is sent.
These documents should be sent the same day. If any of these documents are missing, the order will not be processed and this may result in a price revision and delay acceptance by one day.

Once the order has been confirmed, the price will be final and the customer must provide all the graphic and / or administrative material to proceed with the manufacture. The time elapsed between the confirmation of the order and the sending of the information will have an impact on the delivery time set by Avan Network S.L .. Orders confirmed after 12 noon will be processed the following day.

4-Manufacturing process

Once the administrative documents from point 4 and all the necessary files for production have been obtained, Avan Network S.L. will do the following steps:

Make a computer photo montage to see how the memory will be. Thus, the customer will be able to make the changes he considers appropriate based on colors, size, positioning, etc.
Once the photo montage is approved, per print run of more than 500 units, a sample will be printed. Avan Network S.L. will take a photo of this sample and send it to the customer by e-mail.
The delivery time starts from the moment this sample is approved.
Once the sample is approved, mass production begins. At this point, it is NOT possible to change the design and / or specifications of the product. In case you want to make a change, it should be budgeted for.
The customer will provide all graphic material in the most suitable format (it is recommended to provide the desired type of font). When a record is budgeted, it must be the same for all units. Otherwise, the customer must specify it and it will be budgeted according to their needs (any modification made to the original recording is considered a new recording).

Avan Network S.L. strives to guarantee the shortest transit times with the best possible quality. For this, prestigious companies are used (mainly DHL and MRW).

When Avan Network S.L. fixes a delivery time, it takes into account two factors: the manufacturing time and the transit. Avan Network S.L., as the manufacturer, is only responsible for the manufacturing time, the estimated transit time being that indicated by the transport company (3 to 6 days of international transit in the case of DHL).

6-Fulfillment of the contract / order

The fixed points are established:

In no case Avant Network S.L. is responsible for any problems that may occur during transport. In this case, Avan Network S.L. is committed to providing a quick and efficient solution to the customer. If this is due to the delay in transport, other means will be necessary to guarantee the delivery on time, Avan Network S.L. will communicate this to its client who can opt for this option or assume the costs.